Nagai Park

Forest WOODS OF MEMORIES of memory

Forest of memory

Forest of rest that civic memory was jam-packed
It enrolls from birth, and, in commemoration of turning point of the lives such as employment, marriage, it is "forest of memory" that it is green and entrusts with the thought based on contribution put by about 140 sets of citizens, and was brought up. Tree and many trees which bloomed of flower including real tree which became were brought up in beautiful forest and have been inherited more than generation. We are popular as a few forests where there is barbecue for a limited time.
  • Yoshino cherry tree

    Yoshino cherry tree
    The best time to see: From March to April flower

  • Artubus

    The best time to see: From June to July fruit

  • Camphor tree

    Camphor tree
    The best time to see: All year

  • American dogwood

    American dogwood
    The best time to see: The mid-April and late April

  • Magnolia Kobus

    Magnolia Kobus
    The best time to see: The late March and early April

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